Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WIsh List

So with Christmas coming up, I start thinking about all the things I would love to have. Some aren't that far out of reach. Here's hoping.

I still want the green couch. Please Trent. He insists that me (and everyone who liked it on my blog) is crazy to want a 70's velvet green couch. But I want it bad.

A rotary cutter and mat. Anyone have any favorite brands?

Clothes. I'd happily take a gift certificate to TJMaxx, Ross, H&M, or anywhere with cute stuff that isn't a rip off. And a dress from shabbyapple.com please..

Shoes. I need shoes! I cannot remember the last time I got new shoes. I want black low top all star chucks. They have them at Target. I also need some good black heels and throw in some colored tights while your at it. I pick yellow.

A guitar class for next semester at the local community college. Picture me on a stool strumming a song and singing along. Aaaah.

Possibly a food processor. They have a coupn for them at Costco this month. Homemade salsa and vegetable purees to throw into my regular meals. Awesome.

Contacts. I've been putting this off for months. Paisley still grabs my glasses off my face all day. I only have one pair and they are getting a little scratched up. Charlotte always tells me that I look pretty without my glasses.

There you have it. My Christmas list. What have you been wanting?

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